Environment, Safety & Security

What does Environmental Stewardship mean at RCL? Since our Company was founded in 1969, RCL’s commitment to the environment extends throughout our organization, from senior management to crew members onboard our ships. We strive to inspire our guests to share our commitment, with the goal of making their cruise experience that much more satisfying. Through our Save The Waves® program, we focus on a company- wide effort to reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. Thus, Save the Waves® represents our ongoing commitment to protect the people and places we serve, and maintains the distinctive guest experience for which we are known. By joining the RCL Safety, Security, and Environmental department, you will contribute to a legacy of safety and responsibility, while encouraging your peers and other guests to contribute in reaching our environmental and safety goals. To ensure compliance with federal and company-wide safety policies, the RCL Safety department audits, supports, and educates our fleet on the importance of meeting and upholding the Company’s environmental and safety standards.